Reflexology is deeply relaxing and helps to alleviate everyday stress and tension. An initial treatment includes a full consultation, this is completely confidential and includes taking a medical history and health and lifestyle details. The consultation process helps me to establish whether there are any contra-indications to treatment and if there are areas when caution should be exercised; it also helps me to establish whether Reflexology is the most suitable treatment for you, what your reasons for seeking reflexology are and to answer any questions you may have. If the foot is painful due to injury or arthritis, the reflexes on the hand can be worked instead. 

A Reflexology treatment works the whole of the body simply by applying pressure techniques to different reflex points on the feet (or hands). You may experience certain reactions during treatment such as feeling cold or tired, these are completely normal and are just your body’s way of releasing toxins and kick starting the healing process. Some reactions may last up to 24-48 hours, just try to ensure you drink lots of water following each treatment and avoid caffeine and alcohol to avoid introducing more toxins into the body.

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